My name is Sherri. I am married to my kooky husband Joe. We have 2 amazing children- Greta(5)  is dramatic, brilliant and energetic. Miles (3, born with hydrocephalus) is sweet, snuggly and happy as can be! My most important quest in this life is to be the wife and mother that God wants me to be.  Our life has been an unpredictable adventure, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!


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5 05 2008

hi guys,

I’m Massimo’s mum- little boy from Australia born with hydrocephalus, I like your blog I like to cook and do things as well but most importantly to be with our little pirate, it sound like you have a big fighter at home to, I wish you all the best, Miles is georgeous petra

2 06 2008
Kim Podany

sherri i have just spent a good portion of my morning catching up on you and your family! so cute! congrats on the new addition. i will definitely be checking in daily!

10 09 2008

Hi Sherri,
Your Miles is absolutely adorable! I’m Kelly, the mom of a 4 almost 5 year old son who has hydro. We didn’t know he had it until he was born, which was prematurely. Seems as though we both have fighters on our hands. Which is always a good thing!! I am knew to this blogging and came across your site. Look forward to reading more about Miles!

7 01 2009

Sherri – I found your site through the Soldatke’s. My Audrey Sue was born with hydro too as well as some other anomalies. I will keep up with Miles – he’s a beautiful boy. I’m supposed to be working, but I’m too busy reading up on your amazing son!! I’ll keep checking it to see how 2009 treats him! Take care ~ Stefani

15 03 2009

I have been reading your log because it was recommended to me on BabyCenter.com by a lady named Jill. I am 21 weeks pregnant and my baby was diagnosed with hydrocephalus due to acquedoctal stenosis two weeks ago. His bilateral ventricles are measuring at 18mm both sides. Your videos of your little boy bring tears to my eyes…it is is amazing to see how well he is doing and really gives us hope. Thank you for sharing. I just started a blog at http://fultz08.blogspot.com/

13 05 2009

Hi there,

I was wondering if you could email me. I came across your blog while googling. Our little one, has hydro as well, along with paralyasis from the hips down, and the little ones bowel just exploded putting meconium throughout it’s belly. We found at at 14 weeks. We just got back from the Children’s Hospital yesterday where they did an MRI, echo and Ultrasound, and they also feel we should terminate… They said because of the hydro along with paralysis and the bowel- our baby won’t have a very good chance at life. We too denied the animo for weeks, and I just don’t feel termination is an option for us. Our daughter was born premature last year, and I already buried one child- I just don’t think I can do it by choice again… I’d love to talk with you though, if you could find the time. I put my email in, so it should be there for you to see.



13 05 2009

I wanted to add, I’m almost 19 weeks now.

3 09 2009

I came across your blog looking for other hydro bloggers… Not too many of us out there but to to many with hydrocephalus.

20 09 2009

I found your blog through baby center. We just received news that our son has fluid on his brain (sono was last Tuesday at 17 weeks, 4 days). We still don’t know the reason behind the hydro. We are shocked and terrified as we begin this long journey. Thank you for sharing your story. Your little one is PRECIOUS!!! Here is my blog:

26 10 2009
Kristie Everett

Sherri, I have been following along with your blogs and posts on Miles. My oldest son was also born with hydrocephalus. He is now 24 years old, perfectly normal in his mental and physical functions. This was back before getting ultrasounds during pregnancy was the “norm”, so we had no idea until after he was born. By God’s grace, I had him 3 weeks early due to a case of food poisoning, which threw me into early labor. His head was not as swollen as it would have been had I carried him full term. He has only had his shunt replaced 3 times and his tubing lengenthed 2 times. His head was grossly englarged by the time of his first surgery, but the doctor told us to keep him in a laying down position for the first 2 years of his life and his head fused together normally. He now lives 12 hours away in Orlando and is working as a supervisor for a large company and is attending college at night. I am writing this to let you know that Miles IS a miracle from God and I know he will go far in life and do and become whatever he so desires! God Bless. Kristie

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