11 08 2011

For years, I have kept my jewelry in this rainbow container.

Last week, I realized that this very container could be a great tool in helping Miles to learn his colors. Great!  But, now my jewelry needed a new home.  I found this idea and knew it was something I had to try. I love having all of my favorites out in plain view. It makes accessorizing so much easier and fun!

You can easily make one of these, too. It just requires a twig or branch, a couple curtain rings and 2 nails.



23 07 2011

Remember a couple of months ago when I painted some paintings for above our sofa? Well, I recently found a painting on Etsy that I loved. So, I just painted my own!

I like it 500000% more!

new addition.

1 06 2011

My parents are collectors. They collect all kinds of things. They are constantly buying and reselling antiques. Their home is a beautiful showcase of unique items they have found throughout the years. Occasionally I get to benefit from their inventory. If you’ve been to our house, you are probably well aware of the desk in the corner of the dining room that is (was) completely stacked with school supplies, books, papers and other random items. I have been looking for years for some sort of affordable cabinet to hide away all of my junk. I even begged the lady at the Salvation Army on more than one occasion to let me buy a cabinet there that was “just for display”.  It’s hard to believe, but my parents just happened to have this beauty just hanging out in the garage. It is truly amazing what one piece of furniture can do for your life! We no longer have a messy dining room.

I originally wanted a cabinet that I could paint orange, but this cabinet has such beautiful detail and wouldn’t look quite right painted. Since I still craved a pop of crazy color, I just lined the back of the cabinet with this fun wrapping paper!

the thing about ideas…

17 05 2011

The thing about ideas is, once I get one in my head- I must complete it! I have been known to decide to paint a room (or whole house) in the morning, go to the paint store immediately and paint all day and night until it is finished. I guess I’m dorky that way. Yesterday, I got an idea for new artwork. I uncovered fabric covered canvases and painted them during nap time. Here’s the finished product.

cheesy to chic.

10 01 2011

You know those cheesy butterflies that some people have hanging on the exterior of their homes? I remember being a little girl and wishing that my parents would get some of those awesome butterflies to hang on our house. That was the 80’s and even then, my parents thought they were tacky.

They were right. Now, you can find them if you really search…still adorning peoples homes. I think we’ve found a better use for those lovely creatures.

My sister in law, is an expert at thrifting. She will see something interesting in a thrift store and get a vision for it. She found a set of these butterflies and thought they would be great painted and hanging in Greta’s bedroom. She was right!

I think these butterflies are much happier here than hanging up on some sad beige siding 🙂

easy wall art.

6 10 2010

Step 1: Find a book of art prints that you LOVE. (library book sales are great for this)

Step 2: Find a frame! Old or new, anything will work.

Step 3: Cut the prints to fit your frame.

Step 4: Admire your new art work!

let the sunshine in.

10 08 2010

I love the fact that the house we live in is very bright. It really showcases our curtains nicely 🙂 Can you guess which curtains I made myself and which were bought? I’ll give you a hint…2 of them were bought. Did I mention that I love curtains?